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We are the only truly  "ONE STOP FUNERAL SERVICES PROVIDER" in Ghana. If it has to do with funerals, we provide the following services;



We shall arrange for the mortal remains of your loved one to be brought for safe custody at our premises from anywhere (Home or Hospital).



We shall assist you to obtain all the relevant Permits and Documents, including the Cause of Death Certificate and Burial Permit.



To meet the highest internationally accepted standards, Lashibi Funeral Homes introduced modern embalming techniques and procedures into the funeral business in Ghana. We are experts at embalming.


Custodial Care:

We have state of the art facilities for the handling and care of human remains. In line with our guiding principles, all bodies in our care are handled and treated with the utmost respect and dignity. While the body is in our custody, Patrons can visit and view the body without having to pay a fee.


Autopsy Service:

Sometimes, depending on the circumstances under which a person dies, the law requires that an autopsy or post-mortem examination be conducted to determine the actual cause of death. This examination is usually carried out in one of tertiary public hospitals. Making the necessary arrangements for the conduct of the autopsy in public hospitals often entails avoidable delays and costs. To minimize these, Lashibi Funeral Homes has established, on its premises, excellent facilities for carrying out autopsy examinations by some of the top pathologists in Ghana.  


Dressing & Preparation For Burial:

Our highly trained and experienced staff wash, bathe, sanitize, dress and make up the body for its final show on earth.


Graves & Grave Site Preparation;Lowering Devices

For the convenience of our Patrons, we have our own private cemetery, THE GARDEN OF PEACE CEMETERY"   on our premises. We can assist our Patrons, if requested, to obtain graves at any of the public cemeteries within the Accra-Tema Metropolitan Area.

We supervise the preparation of the grave site for the burial and ensure that it is properly sealed afterwards.
We have popularized the use of mechanical lowering devices instead of the traditional knotted rope or cloth.


Hearse Services

We own and operate a fleet of very attractive hearses for rental to convey the body to any part of Ghana.



We can provide Pallbearers for the funeral anywhere in Ghana. Undoubtedly, Pallbearers add solemnity to the funeral procession.

all souls

All Souls' Chapel:

Our interdenominational " ALL SOULS' CHAPEL" has a seating capacity for 450 mourners inside plus another 200-people seated outside.  It is fully air-conditioned and has a pipe organ as well as excellent sound and acoustic system.

PATRONS wishing to use the Chapel may bring their own Minister/Pastor. If required, we can provide a Priest, Minister or Pastor of any Christian denomination to conduct the funeral service. We can also arrange for a choir for the occasion if required.



LASHIBI FUNERAL HOMES owns and operates the only modern crematory in Ghana which is housed in the Chapel. CREMATION is less expensive and more environmentally friendly than burial.
We stock a wide range of cremation URNS for the ashes of the loved one.


Refreshment Area; Catering Services:

For the convenience of our Patrons, we provide a Refreshment and events facility which can seat 600 people. Patrons can make their own catering arrangements or choose from a list of caterers recommended by Lashibi Funeral Homes.


Sale Of Caskets, Urns, Gowns, Flowers, etc:

We have for sale on our premises various funeral-related items such as beautiful locally fabricated caskets and coffins as well as imported ones; artificial and natural floral wreaths and tributes, cremation urns, ladies and men’s gloves, costume jewellery and accessories such as pearl necklaces and ear-rings.

We stock beautiful fabrics for making ladies gowns and dresses for the funeral. We also stock traditional funeral wear such as gold bangles and kente cloths. We have experienced seamstresses who can make the gowns and dresses for the dear parted.


Repatriation Of Human Remains

We have the proven capacity for handling the repatriation of human remains to and from several countries notably the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States of America, South Africa and other African countries where we have partner funeral homes with whom we collaborate.

one stop

One Stop/One Visit

All or any of the services listed above can be arranged during one visit to our premises. Having all the services needed in one place reduces the amount of stress and frustration entailed in organizing a funeral.

Our patrons are also assured of the highest level of professional care and attention to detail that can be expected from Ghana's first and most experienced funeral services provider.

Providing Best & Affordable funeral services.

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